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      Buy Rims [India]
      We are the biggest importers of motorcycle parts in India. I am interested in the following motorcycle rims.
      Price in USD. . . CIF new Delhi (India)
      Steel and Aluminium Alloy
      Sizes are Under
      Rim 1, 85 x 19
      Rim 1, 85 x 18
      Rim 1, 85 x 17
      Rim 1, 60 x 17
      Rim 1, 60 x 18
      Rim 1, 60 x 19
      Rim 1, 40 x 16
      Rim 1, 40 x 18
      Rim 1, 40 x 19
      Rim 2, 50 x 16
      Rim 2, 50 x 18
      We will order high quotations if you are interested in. All Indian TYPE WITHOUT SEAM WELDING
      If you should need some more information please contact us without hesitation.
      I am waiting for your soon reply and in advance for your kind attention.
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      Contact Person: Mr. SAURABH GADHOK
      Company Name: Gadhok International
      Street Address: 20, Rama Road Industrial Area
      City: New Delhi
      Province/State: Delhi
      Country/Region: India
      Zip: 110015
      Telephone: 91-11-25928024
      Mobile Phone: 001919810047735
      Fax: 91-11-25928027
      Website: http://www.gadhokinternational.com
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